Organic Mattresses

Organic mattresses from the Amish Gallery are made with natural latex foam, organic wool and cotton, organic kapok, and coconut fiber.

Each core is 100% natural latex and wrapped by mattress covers woven from 100% pure organic wool and cotton. Our Organic Mattresses Collections are made with layers of Soft, Medium, or Firm natural latex. The core components are layers of natural Talaly or Dunlop latex foam. Amish Gallery creates specialized comfort for each sleeping style.

Natural Materials, Healthier Sleep

Each layer of latex is derived from the rubber sap tree harvested from plantations that adhere to sustainable forestry practices. Mattresses are all assembled in the United States.

Organic Cotton and Wool

Organic wool batting helps our mattresses meet federal fire safety requirements without using chemical flame retardants. Our mattresses avoid cotton treated with pesticides and made with unbleached, GOTS certified organic cotton.

Customizable Layers

There are three different layers of Dunlop or Natural Talalay latex in Savvy Rest mattresses: soft, medium, and firm. Choose any combination of layers to suit your needs.

Questions? Contact us or visit the Amish Gallery for more information. Our sales associates can help you find your perfect mattress.